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Enrollment for the Writing With the Soul Workshop Round 7 is now closed. For more details on Round 8, click here.

The WWTS Alumni Mentorship Program

applications are closed

The Details

Led by WWTS alumni who have gone on to begin their careers as authors, the mentorship program will include one-on-one sessions between mentors and mentees, as well as mentee group sessions that conclude with the Mentorship Story Intensive March 20-24, 2024. Mentor profiles, the full program schedule & application instructions will go out to alumni in the Fall Alumni Newsletter in mid-September & simultaneously be updated here. There is no cost to apply to the program.

Mentee Requirements

Is This Mentorship Right for You?

The structure of the program includes an ambitious revision timeline of six weeks & a rigorous commitment to reading and critiquing your fellow mentee’s manuscripts. Applicants should be able to commit to three full, writing-filled months from January through March with schedule availability March 20-24 for the Mentorship Story Intensive. Mentees should be ready to share their work, accept editorial feedback, & give their full commitment to the peer critique portion of the program.

What You Need to Apply

  • A completed manuscript that has been beta read and revised. You will submit your first chapter for application.
  • A query letter (one page, single-spaced)
  • A synopsis (one page, single-spaced)
  • Top TWO choices for a mentor. You will only be permitted to select two choices on your application
  • An understanding of why you want to participate in the program (i.e. What are your goals? Where do you need guidance? What are you looking for in a mentor relationship?
  • Six weeks to complete a full manuscript revision
  • An open mind

Mentorship Timeline

October 2023

10.16-10.20 Get to know the mentors on IG

10.21 Applications open 9 AM EST

10.25 Applications close 11:59 PM EST

December 2023

12.08 Mentees announced

12.22 Mentors deliver edit letters

January 2024

01.06 Orientation & 1st mentor meeting

01.27 Mentee meet-up & 2nd mentor meeting

February 2024

02.16 Mentees submit revisions

02.17 Mentee meet-up & Manuscript exchange

March 2024

03.21-24 Mentorship Story Intensive for peer critiques & 3rd mentor meeting

applications open
October 21
  • Starlings & Six of Sorrow

  • I Wish You Would

  • Crown of Feathers Series; The House of the Dead Duology; & The Last Hope School For Magical Deliquents Series

  • Second Sons Series; Jacksonville Rays Series; & Whiskey & Sin

  • You Are Fatally Invited