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Enrollment for the Writing With the Soul Workshop Round 7 is now closed. For more details on Round 8, click here.


The Details

The Writing With the Soul Research Expedition is an on location research opportunity unlike any other, specifically designed to bring storytellers together and fill their creative well with lifelong inspiration. 

Our inaugural expedition, Iceland: Legends & Landscapes will immerse writers in the land of ice and fire’s stark beauty as they delve deep into Iceland’s ancient history, culture, and art. Hiking lava fields, traversing ice caves, seeking out geothermal pools, exploring a live archeological dig site, and learning directly from Iceland’s scholars are just a few of the incredible opportunities participants will take part in over six full days. With cultural anthropologist Megan Puhl as our guide, we’ll take a multi-layered approach to experiencing Iceland through a researcher’s lens, with a focus on ancient legends, the sagas, and dramatic landscapes.

A Typical Day

Each morning of our adventure will begin with a briefing from Megan to prep the group for the day's itinerary with valuable context and background. Our days will be filled with intentional, enriching opportunities in the field, and in the evenings, writers will gather with Adrienne to reflect on and digest the day’s study, as well as discuss its impact on craft and process.

students, not sightseers

The Research Expedition is not a tourism trip. There is a lot of beauty to be seen and fun to be had, but writers considering the Research Expedition should be ready to jump feet first into long days of absorbing information, digesting new experiences, and engaging in deep discussion with like-minded creatives. You won’t just see Iceland, you’ll feel, hear, smell and taste it. You won’t just learn from scholars in their field or glean from their research; you’ll learn how to research for yourself, gaining observation and critical thinking skills that will enrich your storytelling process.

Who is the expedition for?

While writers working on projects inspired by the Scandinavian region’s mythology or setting will benefit greatly from an opportunity like this one, each Research Expedition is created with every writer in mind, no matter the genre of their current or future work.

What can any writer gain from this experience? 

  • Visceral, impactful experiences that fuel story magic
  • Research skills they can take with them wherever they go in the world
  • New fields of study & cultural context that will enrich their craft
  • The opportunity to travel internationally with fellow writers

The Location

The land of ice and fire has inspired writers across generations, from epic Sagas to Tolkien's fantasy classics to contemporary snapshots of life. With the land's extreme visual contrast and a rich, ancient history, there is no end to Iceland's well of inspiration.

The Location

The land of ice and fire has inspired writers across generations, from epic Sagas to Tolkien's fantasy classics to contemporary snapshots of life. With the land's extreme visual contrast and a rich, ancient history, there is no end to Iceland's well of inspiration.

what's included

Your accommodations across Iceland for the duration of the expedition

Private transportation to sites across the southwest of Iceland

Locally sourced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners highlighting the unique elements of Icelandic cuisine

Daily unforgettable experiences to inspire your writing, personally curated to combine research with complete sensory immersion

Learning opportunities with leading scholars in the fields of mythology, geology, art, history, and literary sagas

the itinerary

Days 1, 2 & 3

Days 4, 5 & 6



    Adrienne Young is the internationally bestselling author of numerous books that span a number of genres. Her belief that in-person research and immersion has a profound impact on writing craft inspired the creation of Writing With the Soul's Research Expedition


    Holding her Masters in Cultural Anthropology and working as a design researcher for some of the largest companies in the world, Megan’s brain is wired for research and discovery. She is also an alumnus of Writing With the Soul, and writes books featuring feminist-takes on mythology in her free time.


Travel Insurance is Required

Due to the varied experiences and locations of travel during this expedition, all participants are required to hold their own travel insurance in order to attend. Proof of travel insurance is due 10/28/2023. A good place to start is this Forbes comprehensive guide to travel insurances as of July 2023. Some travel insurance providers we recommend are: World Nomads, Seven Corners, Tin Leg (specifically the adventure plan).


Ready to Enroll?

Trip Total | $4950

Space is extremely limited, as this is our most intimate group experience to date.

Enrollment opens on October 14, 2023 at 1pm EST.

Your enrollment will register you for the expedition, which includes all accommodations, meals, experiences, and transportation for the duration of the expedition. Your enrollment does not include travel to and from Reykjavik or the airport. 

A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 secures your registration for the Research Expedition. After enrollment, you will have two payment options:

Option One: Pay in Full

The remaining balance of $3,950 will be due October 28, 2023

Option Two: Pay in 3 Installments

First Installment of $1,350 Due October 28, 2023

Second Installment of $1350 Due January 20, 2024

Third Installment of $1250 Due April 13, 2024

If you select the option for a payment plan, you are agreeing to pay for the Research Expedition in three nonrefundable installments & understand you will be billed for the remaining installments at a later date. Failure to pay the remaining balance by the due date listed above will result in your spot being reopened to another writer without a refund of your deposit. 

Upon enrollment, you will receive a confirmation email with how to complete your next payment & instructions on your next steps to finalize your travel details. 

Cancellation policy: The enrollment deposit & all other payments for this retreat are nonrefundable.


Do I need to be writing about Vikings to benefit from this expedition?

Absolutely not. We chose Iceland because the land itself has inspired many different types of literature and fantasy worlds. Participants will also be learning tips and tricks on conducting research, benefit from discussions on how anthropology affects worldbuilding, and immerse themselves in rich experiences that spark creativity of all sorts.

Do I need to attend the entire expedition?

Yes, please only register if you are able to attend the entire expedition. Arriving late or leaving early will mean that you do not get the full experience.

Can I come early or stay late?

Yes, you can travel early or stay later in Iceland, if you wish to do so. Any travel you do before or after the retreat will be on your own budget.

Can I room with my friend?

Yes, you can make requests to room with a specific person. If you would like to room with someone specific, we recommend that you coordinate together before enrollment so that we can book you together. Also, please keep in mind that even if you are not paired with your desired roommate, you will be among kindred spirits & will have plenty of interaction time with those not staying in your room.

I’m flying in from a different part of the world & I’m worried about jet lag. What should I do?

Your travel plans are up to your discretion, but if it is within your means to do so, we recommend arriving to Reykjavik a day early, so that you can adjust to the time zone. Anyone who arrives a day early will be given the opportunity to book a night at the same hotel and attend an optional event so you can connect with your fellow writers ahead of the expedition. Once registered, we will send you more detailed information about traveling to & staying in Reykjavik.

Is there an age requirement to participate?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Is there a scholarship fund for writers who would like to attend the Research Expedition?

There will not be scholarships available for the 2024 Research Expedition.